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The Quick-Read Bible: Experiencing the Full Picture of God's Word from Beginning to End in 365 Daily Readings

The Quick-Read Bible: Experiencing the Full Picture of God's Word from Beginning to End in 365 Daily Readings

by Harvest House Publishers

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The Creation Story


In the beginning, there was nothing at all. Then God created the heaven and the earth, but everything was still covered in darkness, so God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light! God called the light day and the darkness night, and that was the first day and the first night.

In the days that followed, God separated the water from dry land, and he covered the land with beautiful plants and trees. He made the sun to shine in the day and the moon and stars to light up the night sky.

Then God filled the seas and the skies and the land with wonderful creatures of all shapes and sizes. Finally, God made man and told him to take care of this wonderful world and all the creatures. God was pleased with all he had made and done, so on the seventh day, he rested and made that day a special day to stop working and give thanks. Heaven on Earth


God created the beautiful Garden of Eden for Adam—a wonderful place filled with green grass, colorful plants, and beautiful trees. God told Adam to help himself to fruit from any of these trees except for one, the Tree of Knowledge, which was forbidden to him. But there were still plenty of other wonderful things for him to eat.

God brought all the animals and birds to Adam so he could name them. But none of the animals were like him, and Adam was lonely, so God created a woman, Eve, to be his special friend.

Disobeying God


Now, of all the animals, the most cunning was the snake. One day, he said to Eve, “Did God really tell you that you couldn’t eat fruit from any of the trees in this garden?” And she replied, “No, we can eat from any of them except from the one in the middle of the garden. We’re not even allowed to touch it!” “The Tree of Knowledge?” asked the wily snake. “But the fruit is delicious, and it won’t harm you. The only reason God doesn’t want you to eat it is because it will make you wise like him. Go on, take a bite!” The fruit looked so delicious that Eve picked some. She offered some to Adam too, and they both ate it. At once, it was as though their eyes had been opened. They realized they were naked and tried to cover themselves with some fig leaves that they sewed together to make clothes.

Cast Out


Later that day, God was walking in the garden. When he found Adam and Eve hiding behind some bushes, he knew exactly what had happened. He was very angry. He cursed the wicked snake to crawl on its belly in the dirt for the rest of its life, and he banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. He told them that from now on they would need to work hard to get their food from the ground, struggling with sharp thorns and choking weeds, for they had disobeyed him.

Then he used some animal skins to make clothes for them and sent them from the garden. He placed an angel with a flaming sword to stand guard at the entrance.

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